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The leading source of investigative support for the media is available to everyone.

For immediate assistance, call or text us at (323) 300-5827

With over thirty years of experience working with the media and high profile clients, we are now available to take cases from the general public.  No case is too small or too big, so contact us today if you need assistance in getting to the truth of a matter.

Personal services to meet your specific needs.

We have worked on enough cases to know, no two cases are the same and either are the client’s needs.

No matter the circumstances, we are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to make an informed decision or take action to protect, you, your family and assets.




You’re not going to find a general menu of services here that will meet your needs.

We literally listen to you and formulate an investigative strategy that meets your individual requirements. 

Why Work With Us?

Experience Matters

Over thrity-five years of hands-on experience in all aspects of investigations.

Unsurpassed Resources

We have access to resources domestically and in most foreign countries.


We don't accept all cases or make promises we can't keep. Your trust is everything to us.


We protect your privacy in all matters and are dedicated limiting potential liabilities.

Check out our latest interviews regarding missing persons cases.

Law Olmstead is the President & Founder of the Missing Persons Center, an IRS Approved Non-Profit Organization

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Ira Lee Briscoe

Madeline Kingsbury

Client Testimonials

“I can't say enough about how Hollywood P.I. was able to help us find the needle in a haystack type of information to build stories around”
Mike O'Gara - Executive Producer
“For years we trusted Law with our breaking news from the U.S. and some of our biggest stories ever were thanks to him and his access to resources around the world.”
Caroline G. - Bureau Chief
“We gave this guy a name of one of our producers and it was unbelievable and scary how much information he was able to report to us.”
John Walsh - Host

“We have worked with literally more television shows, newspapers and tabloids than any other investigative agency and have build strong and trusted relationships that have lasted more than thirty years.  Thank you to all of our clients, past, present and future who rely on us to make a difference by finding the truth, exposing those who do harm and protecting those who don’t have a voice big enough to be heard.”

Law Olmstead – Hollywood P.I.

Trusted By

Since 1990, Hollywood P.I. has been requested to conduct investigations or been interviewed by many news organizations.
Below are only a few.

Founder of

Being an advocate for the families of missing people and understanding the importance of networking, we have created organizations that combine both aspects to bring closure to many missing persons cases and provide a platform with access to investigators, worldwide. 


The Missing Persons Center is an IRS Approved Non-Profit Organization under IRS Rule 501(c)(3) and our mission it to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the families of missing people.

The World Investigative Network is a networking and marketing platform for investigative professionals and support services, worldwide.

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