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Film Investing


No other agency understands film like we do.

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The Deal Structure

If you aren't familiar with Private Placement Investments, you may not be thrilled to read all the risk factors involved. However, some studios will write agreements that convey little to no risk factors and that is a huge red flag. We can help you find the flaws in how you read an offering or agreement in film to be sure, the "Managers" are not creating voids that will keep you in the dark during all phases of production, but all phases of sales/distibution and you return on investment.

Development Vs. Production

There is a very big difference between a project in development or in production. Development is a vague term used to say, we don't have much in this project and in the beginning stages of figuring out how the producers want to proceed. Investing during development is the riskiest phase to invest in any film project and we can help you determine exactly where a project is, in it's "production". These early investors will usually be promised a higher ROI.

Why did they contact you?

Just lucky I guess, right? Not exactly! They contacted you because your name was simply on a list sold to the producers, usually as an "Accredited Investor" list. At least that's what they will tell you when the person who cold called you explains it, they will make it seem like you were on an exclusive list. No, there is more to this and usually, they are trying to find a way to make their call legal.

Greed before logic?

There are some very reputable independent film studios out there who do have integrity and believe in the worth of their projects, but that isn't enough to make you money. This is one investment you need to be fully prepared to lose money on, but at the same time, you could be investing in the next box-office hit and be in a position to see huge returns. Making informed decision are the only way to be comfortable in risking your hard-earned money.

We have a unique perspective on film investing.

Hollywood P.I., an esteemed investigative agency, specializes in conducting thorough due diligence investigations for investors interested in film projects offered by independent film studios. 

One significant advantage of partnering with Hollywood P.I. is our unique staffing which includes a member who brings invaluable expertise to the table. With a background in both investigations and a decade-long tenure running the film finance department for an independent studio, this team member possesses deep knowledge and understanding of the film industry. 

When approached to conduct due diligence, Hollywood P.I. meticulously scrutinizes every aspect of the film project, including financials, production plans, distribution strategies, key personnel, and legal contracts. 

Their comprehensive investigation aims to identify any potential red flags or risks that could impact an investor’s decision-making process. By leveraging their industry insider’s insights and investigative skills, Hollywood P.I. provides investors with a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the film project’s viability, empowering them to make informed investment choices and safeguard their interests in the dynamic world of independent film.

A-list names as part of the talent is not enough and sometimes, there are no agreements in place with any talent, but it sure sounds good in the pitch you probably heard.

Our team is eager to be part of your due diligence efforts and it’s better now to know the truth, rather than after all you get are excuses why a project is taking so long and why there is nothing to show for it.