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missing persons investigations
We are experts in missing persons investigations and locates of all types.

Private investigators play a crucial role in missing persons investigations by utilizing their skills and resources to locate individuals who are reported missing. When conducting a missing persons investigation, private investigators typically engage in several key activities:

Hollywood P.I., led by the esteemed investigator Law Olmstead, specializes in conducting thorough and efficient missing persons investigations. With their expertise and dedication, they have become a trusted name in the industry. When a case is assigned to Hollywood P.I., the team begins by gathering all available information about the missing person, including their personal history, relationships, and any recent events that may have contributed to their disappearance. Utilizing a vast network of contacts and resources, the team meticulously analyzes every lead and clue, from surveillance footage to financial transactions, leaving no stone unturned. Law Olmstead’s extensive experience in missing persons cases enables him to uncover hidden patterns and motivations, leading to breakthroughs in even the most challenging investigations. Hollywood P.I.’s commitment to their clients and their relentless pursuit of the truth make them an invaluable asset in the search for missing individuals.

Hollywood P.I., a renowned investigative agency, excels in conducting skip tracing investigations with exceptional proficiency. Led by a skilled team of investigators, they specialize in locating individuals who have intentionally gone off the grid or are evading detection. When a skip tracing case is assigned to Hollywood P.I., they employ a range of cutting-edge techniques and tools to track down the person in question. From advanced databases to digital forensics, the team meticulously gathers information on the subject’s past addresses, financial transactions, social media presence, and connections. They follow a trail of digital breadcrumbs, leveraging their extensive network of contacts and sources to uncover leads and piece together the puzzle. With their unwavering determination and expertise in skip tracing, Hollywood P.I. consistently delivers impressive results, providing clients with the answers they seek while maintaining the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Hollywood P.I., a trusted investigative agency, specializes in conducting adoption investigations with the goal of reuniting individuals with their birthparents. When tasked with such a case, the dedicated team at Hollywood P.I. diligently begins by gathering any available information about the adoption process, including adoption agency records, legal documents, and personal accounts from the client. Using their expertise in research and investigation, they meticulously comb through databases, public records, and archives to uncover any leads that may shed light on the birthparents’ identities. They employ advanced search techniques, genealogical analysis, and DNA testing when necessary to establish family connections and trace lineage. With empathy and sensitivity, Hollywood P.I. handles these delicate matters, ensuring confidentiality and respect for all parties involved. Their unwavering commitment and comprehensive approach have enabled numerous successful reunions, providing closure and a sense of belonging to those seeking their birthparents.

Hollywood P.I., a reputable investigative agency, specializes in conducting investigations to help individuals locate long-lost friends or family members. When assigned such a case, the dedicated team at Hollywood P.I. begins by gathering all available information provided by the client, including names, approximate ages, last known locations, and any significant life events or connections. They employ various search techniques, including database searches, social media analysis, and public records research, to trace the individuals’ whereabouts. Leveraging their extensive network of contacts and resources, they follow leads, reach out to mutual acquaintances, and conduct discreet inquiries to locate the desired individuals. Hollywood P.I. understands the importance of these reunions and handles each case with sensitivity and empathy, ensuring privacy and maintaining confidentiality throughout the process. Through their diligent efforts, Hollywood P.I. has successfully helped countless clients reconnect with loved ones they had lost touch with over the years, bringing joy and a sense of belonging back into their lives.

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  1. Gathering Information: Private investigators start by obtaining as much information as possible about the missing person, including personal details, physical appearance, habits, recent activities, and potential reasons for their disappearance. They may interview family members, friends, coworkers, and anyone else who might have relevant information.

  2. Search and Surveillance: Private investigators often conduct physical searches in areas where the missing person was last seen or is believed to be. They may visit locations such as residences, workplaces, hangouts, or areas associated with the person’s hobbies or interests. Surveillance techniques can also be employed to monitor certain areas or individuals connected to the case discreetly.

  3. Digital Investigation: Private investigators utilize online resources and digital investigation techniques to gather information about the missing person’s online activities, social media presence, and any digital footprints that could provide clues about their whereabouts. They may also analyze email, phone, or financial records to uncover any potential leads.

  4. Liaising with Law Enforcement: Private investigators often collaborate with law enforcement agencies to share information, coordinate efforts, and provide additional resources in the search for missing persons. They may share their findings, provide updates, and work together to narrow down potential leads.

  5. Interviewing Witnesses: Private investigators may conduct interviews with witnesses or individuals who might have relevant information about the missing person’s disappearance. These interviews can help uncover additional leads or details that could assist in locating the individual.

  6. Background Checks: Private investigators may conduct background checks on the missing person, looking for any prior criminal history, associates, or relationships that might provide insight into their disappearance. They may also examine the person’s financial records to identify any irregularities or transactions that could be relevant.

  7. Publicity and Awareness: Private investigators may work with media outlets, utilize social media platforms, or create awareness campaigns to generate public attention and gather information from the community. They may distribute flyers, post online bulletins, or organize events to raise awareness about the missing person and encourage people to come forward with any relevant information.

  8. Covert Operations: In certain cases, private investigators may employ covert operations to gather information discreetly. This may involve surveillance, undercover work, or other covert techniques to gather evidence or leads without drawing attention.

  9. Case Documentation: Throughout the investigation, private investigators maintain detailed records of their activities, findings, and interactions with witnesses or sources. These records are essential for organizing information, identifying patterns, and documenting the progress of the investigation.

Every case is different and the resources allocated to an investigative team an vary based on the clients budget.  We take all things into consideration when developing an investigative plan within the budget assigned our team.

We also do not accept all assignments for a wealth of reasons and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.