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Areas of expertise

We work on all types of investigations from basic to very complex.  Below are our most frequently requested services.
Success Rates indicated below are measured based on the amount, accuracy, and the timeliness of the information you provide.
Be sure to read the FAQ’s below for additional information.

Missing Persons/Locates

We are court qualified missing persons experts in homicide cases
where a body has not been recovered. 
Law Olmstead is the President & Founder of the
Missing Persons Center.  

We have over twelve years of experience dealing directly with studios and high end investors in film and TV investments.  We can support your due diligence efforts to help you make a wise decision to invest or not.

We have first hand, experienced investigators that have a background working in film finance, no other agency has that type of staffing.

Technical Consulting

Real world, professional investigators don’t wear a hat fashioned after the famed Sherlock Holmes and they don’t get involved in high-speed chases, not typically.

We can help your team create a very true to life portrayal of a private investigator to help you tell the best story possible.

Media/News Research

We have a long and verifiable track record of success working with all types of media sources in getting to the story faster and with more accuracy than any other agency in the world.

We have been part of breaking historic news events, worldwide.


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Approximate Success Rate

There are many reasons to conduct background investigations and we are able to handle all of them.  We have access to information in most  domestic and international metropolitan areas so learning more about someone is fairly easy.  Pre-employment screening is available with authorizations from the applicant.

Social Media

Investigations originating from online data has been around longer than people realize and we pioneered OSINT investigations in the early 90’s and even trained other investigators on how to investigate online.

Today’s online environment is moving at a very fast pace and fraud and schemes can be found everywhere.

General information on services

We specialize in locates of all types and have a very high success rate in this area.  Much of our success has to do with the amount of information you provide about the subject. This is one area of investigation where you can never supply too much information.  The timeframe to complete a case under this heading cannot be accurately estimated since there are many variables.

FEES: We charge a flat rate for most locates or missing persons investigations.  The fees are based on investigative timeframes, usually on a daily rate or weekly.

If you are an Accredited Investor, many independent film studios may contact you with an opportunity to invest in a film as an equity partner.  Investigations into film are very complex and most CPA’s or financial advisors don’t have the knowledge or experience to assist with proper due diligence.  There are no doubt risks in film investing, just like any other investment, but if you want to have a better picture of the studio and it’s operations, we can help.  We are not financial advisors, we will investigate matters that apply to the success and integrity of the people in charge of administrating the investment and any complaints on them or the studio they represent.  This can include former studios they were involved with as well since many people in the entertainment industry have worked with multiple studios.  Not all studios are out to defraud you, but you need to do your homework before investing and have a clear understanding of what to expect if you do invest.

FEES: Services under this heading are billed on a flat rate and most investigations can be completed within 7-10 days with as little information as the title of the film.  Additional information may be required and is encouraged to support our research and it’s completeness. 

Technical consulting is an important aspect of any production that wants to portray private investigators and the types of cases they work on as accurately as possible.  We see it all the time in movies, private investigators accessing information and using resources that either don’t exist or the investigator is breaking the law in obtaining information.  These portrayals affect the industry in a negative way and give audiences a great misconception of what private investigators actually do.

We can offer consulting on all aspects such as the vernacular used, technology, legalities, clothing, attitude, methodology, reporting, surveillance, hacking, gps tracking, historical representation and much more.

FEES: Services under this heading are billed either on an hourly rate or flat rate for an entire production.

If you are a member of the media and need to get your story to print or on air before your competition, we can help.  Working with the media at all levels is something we have done longer than any other service we offer.  If you work on breaking stories, developing ones or ongoing investigative episodes we have the experience to support your efforts.

We also can locate people for licensing and to sign releases related to your story.

There are many reasons to conduct a background investigation of a person or business these days and we can handle most types quickly with comprehensive reporting as well.

Any background investigation for employment purposes will require the knowledge and permission of the subject prior to us conducting the research.

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